Prague Holiday: delivery of Lamborghini Aventador from Dubai to Prague


In February 2013, our company had delivered successfully Lamborghini Aventador from UAE to Czech Republic. The owner of this powered with 700 hps racing supercar named after the bull – the winner of bullfight, was in want to have it during his European business-trip.
As always, we were in charge to prepare the vehicle for transportation on the aircraft in the point of delivery and to organize the process of acceptance in the point of destination. All these tasks were done properly: the auto arrived to Prague on time and fully safe. We will also deliver Lamborghini Aventador back to Dubai after the business-trip of its owner ends.
The auto in Dubai, before loading on aircraft cargo bay:

1.jpg 2.jpg
The vehicle in the point of destination – Prague. Auto-transveyer bring the car from cargo terminal and puts on to special platform:
3.jpg 4.jpg
By means of special lifting tool they move Lamborghini Aventador from the platform to car transporter:
5.jpg 6.jpg
7.jpg 8.jpg
You may see that handlers supervised the process very carefully in order to prevent the expensive car from damage:
9.jpg 10.jpg
11.jpg 12.jpg
Our company on a regular basis provides delivery of exclusive and expensive cars. Not long ago we have informed you about reimport of Rolls Royce Phantom from Prague to Dubai. It was a continuation of the story of the summer 2012, when we delivered two cars by one shipment – Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce Phantom. We have already informed you about delivery of the exclusive BMW X5 tuned in studio Hamann Motorsport Gmbh. Also we told you about delivery of the most expensive street-legal car Bugatti Veyron; of one of the best and most expensive sedan in the world - Rolls Royce Phantom, and also about race cars Ferrari Fiorano, Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari California. We were also requested to manage freight forwarding of Nissan Patrolfrom UAE to Tokyo tuning studio and exhibition version of Invader L60 to Geneva Motorshow.
Delivery World offers the services of air freight forwarding from UAE to the rest of the world for many years, you can learn more about it here.
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