The Phantom: An Expected Journey. Delivery of auto back from Prague to Dubai


We have informed you in summer 2012 about delivery from UAE to Czech Republic of two autos – Rolls Royce Phantom and Mercedes-Benz.  The vehicles have been transported to the place of vacations and of business travelling of their owners while staying in Europe. After ending of vacations the autos would have to be delivered back to UAE from Czech Republic. Not long ago, we have forwarded back to Dubai one of the autos – Rolls Royce Phantom. The second vehicle is now in Prague, where his owner stays due to prolonged business trip.

Delivery of auto by air has been done in normal way as expected. The high-performance car transported from snowy Prague to Dubai, where the temperature is +24C, successfully and arrived on time and fully safe.

Our company on a regular basis provides delivery of exclusive and expensive cars. In autumn 2012, we delivered Bentley Continental GTC V8 of 2013 year model range from UAE to Milan. We have already informed you about delivery of the exclusive BMW X5 tuned in studio Hamann Motorsport Gmbh. Also we told you about delivery of the most expensive street-legal car Bugatti Veyron; of one of the best and most expensive sedan in the world - Rolls Royce Phantom, and also about race cars Ferrari Fiorano, Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari California. We were also requested to manage freight forwarding of Nissan Patrol from UAE to Tokyo tuning studio and exhibition version of Invader L60 to Geneva Motorshow.

Before loading on aircraft cargo bay in Prague

 2.jpg 3.jpg

1.jpg 4.jpg

After arrival to Dubai:

5.jpg 6.jpg
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