Delivery of the most expensive street-legal car of the world – Bugatti Veyron


Delivery World provides services of air freight forwarding within 10 years. During this time the regular customers found confirmations of the reliability of our company and the quality of services. Moreover, from time to time, the owners of the companies which are regular customers of Delivery World engage us to provide them exclusive services of delivery beyond their business needs, for example, they entrust us to deliver their private autos.


We have already informed you about transportation of Ferrari Fiorano and Ferrari Enzo owners of which used our services of cargo delivery. And the most expensive private auto in our company’s history became the supercar Bugatti Veyron produced by Germany concern Volkswagen, which was delivered in June, 2011. Bugatti Veyron is known as the world’s speediest and most expensive street-legal car. It costs more than $1,300,000.


The auto was transported in a special air container. The supercar followed its owner who wished to have the speedy fireball next to him at the place of the vacations.


The auto arrived at the airport of destination safely and on time and was transported directly to the residence of the owner.

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