Second to Electronics: Textiles from Taiwan by Air


Textiles are people's lives daily necessities, in addition to the daily life of clothing and decoration, in industrial applications is very extensive, it can thus be seen that tracks the development of human civilization. Taiwan's textile industry has a long history, second only to the electronics industry and is also the third largest industry in the financial industry since the late 1940s, the development has more than 60 years, to cope with the needs of the majority of the international market continued to develop new products and update production equipment, has become a cover, complete the industry, downstream textile production system

Taiwan's textile industry during the Japanese occupation in the bud, then that has a textile mill. Before World War II, the textile industry is a major textile hemp, linen and woven sacks for shipping rice, sugar, salt use. After the Nationalist government to Taiwan, because Taiwan's fragile industrial base, lack of capital, high demand for textiles, as well as foreign exchange shortages and other factors, the textile industry has become the leading industry in the development of industry. Until 1950, the textile industry has become Taiwan's second only to the food industry's second largest industry, largely in the production of cotton-based products.

Secretary-General of the Republic of China Textile expand Huang Weiji noted that half of the 1980s the textile industry sales reached historic highs in the mid, due to domestic and foreign economic downturn, the textile industry is facing a high-wage, labor shortages gradually, the relative appreciation of the national trade, and international trade protection prevailed; more spring up outside the textile industry in emerging countries in Southeast Asia, so, the lower is the main textile products under serious threat in the international market, gradually unable to compete with developing countries, which is considered a "sunset industry" textile industry then gradually transition to a capital and technology-intensive chemical fiber and other textile-based trade and production patterns.

In the middle of November Delivery World shipped lot of textiles from Taiwan. Quality fabrics reached destination safely and in time. Our regular customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the fabrics will be available for sale at textile showrooms at destination.

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