Power Cargo: Li-Ion Batteries from Hongkong


Li-Ion batteries are an essential part of laptops, e-bikes, smartphones, and e-cars.

The world’s biggest and smallest batteries were also made from lithium-based rechargeable battery and is used in the smallest electronic devices. It is six times thinner bacterium, and is over 60,000 smaller AAA battery.

The giant Tesla lithium-based battery is located in South Australia and is recharged by nearby wind power station with 10 MW and gives power to over 30,000 houses.

The electrolytes of the Li-Ion Batteries are highly flammable and there were instances of these batteries spontaneously bursting into flames, especially when carried by the airplanes, due to big pressure and temperature differences. For this reason, not every company undertakes to deal with the risk.

In the beginning of December Delivery World shipped batch of Li-Ion batteries from Hongkong. Established contracts with world recognized carriers allow Delivery World to arrange for smooth and prompt delivery of even restricted goods from anywhere to everywhere in the world.

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