Magic on Flight: Rugs from Indonesia by Air


For centuries carpets, or rugs, have become part of human civilization for its various functions from relating to religious up to decorative purposes. Since its invention around the 3rd or 2nd millennium BC in West Asia, carpets and rugs have continuously developed into different styles, patterns, and usage of materials as well as developing variations on the processing techniques. Carpet works by special artisans, that require not only high skills but also original patterns, are also hunted among collectors. It comes as no surprise that a collectible carpet or rug has become synonymous with the lavish world of luxury.

While the exact origin of hand-woven oriental rugs is uncertain, ancient writings mention a variety of weavings and locations. The earliest surviving piece–known as the Pazyryk carpet–dates back to 400-500 BC. (Discovered in a burial site excavated in southern Siberia between 1947-49, it is now part of the Hermitage Museum Collection in Leningrad.) Certain scholars, in fact, believe that Oriental rugs probably existed even before the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and the fabled palaces of Babylon.

In the end of January Delivery World shipped large batch of Indonesian rugs and carpets from Dhakka. Quality handmade carpets require careful handling, as any excessive moist or damage in packaging can destroy hundreds of hours of careful hand work. Years of experience, exceptional expertise, perfectly set and automated processes ensure the most accurate compliance with every point in the customer’s instruction, smooth and timely movement of any types of the goods from anywhere to everywhere in the world. 

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