Air Walk: Footwear from Hong Kong and Shanghai by Air


It wasn’t until the High and Late Middle Ages when new ideas and technologies began to transform clothing and shoes as a means of style and status over function.

As shoes became more popular, the aristocrats began to protect their status by passing laws restricting the type of clothing one could wear, in order to prevent the lower class from appearing like the wealthy.

One’s position in society could be determined by their shoe length–the longer the toe, the higher class you were.

It was also during the Middle Ages that shoes began to develop high heels. Evolving from platform sandals worn by actors in Ancient Greece, heels eventually replaced platform shoes. High heels demonstrated social status and wealth.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, shoemakers began to adorn shoes with buckles made from brass, silver, or steel. The fancier the buckle, the higher your social status.

In the beginning of January Delivery World shipped several lots of footwear from Hong Kong and Shanghai. Urgent freight of our regular customer arrived to destination safely and in time, and once the customer will complete customs processing of the cargo the delivered quality footwear will be available for sale at destination.

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