About Us

Delivery World is the international freight forwarding agent specializing in airfreight deliveries of all types of cargos across the world. Engagement on niche market of global air freight forwarding allowed Delivery World to become expert in air cargo, and ensure utmost quality of all the services.
Our 250 agents network covers all regions of the world. We service the customers in more then 80 states. Head Office of Delivery World is located in Dubai (UAE). 
Over the years of work we have gained a reputation of a reliable freight forwarder. Large distributors of consumer electronics, computers, photographic and video equipment, telecommunication equipment, mobile phones and accessories, medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, auto spare parts and assemblies, importers of garments, shoes and cosmetics as well as the companies participating in exhibitions.
Delivery World’s team does everything to allow the customers concentrate on their business development, having entrusted international freight forwarding to reliable professional partner. We established principally new company with distinctively set processes effectively integrating to the customer’s business. Throughout several decades on the market, we keep constantly developing our company’s structure, automate relations with the customers, suppliers and agents, i.e., do everything to ensure the best quality services.
Established in 1998 Delivery World focuses on airfreight originating and destinating to anywhere in the world. Since 2009 our company retains one of the leading positions in global airfreight delivery arrangement across the world.
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