Eras of Beauty: Makeup and Cosmetics from Shenzhen by Air


Chinese women have a long history with makeup, originating from ancient times. In China, there’s an old saying that the love of beauty is common to all human beings. Ancient Chinese women wanted to look for beautiful things that made them look prettier.

Through the centuries the make up varied from dynasty to dynasty.

The Zhou Dynasty opened up a new era in Chinese makeup history. Eyebrow makeup, lip makeup, face makeup, and a series of cosmetics, such as makeup powder, facial cream, lip gloss, and fragrance became a trend during this time. Generally, the makeup style of the Zhou Dynasty was relatively simple and elegant with black and white, so this era is known as the “plain makeup era.”

There are few records about Qin Dynasty costumes and dresses in history books, but the Han Dynasty inherited many Qin Dynasty legacies. During the Han Dynasty, the custom of makeup was greatly developed, and women paid more attention to their makeup.

During this period, women’s makeup skills gradually matured, demonstrating diversified tendencies and bold colors. Here are some of the main changes during this time.

In the Sui Dynasty, women’s makeup was relatively simple, and the people loved the beauty of simplicity. The Tang Dynasty had a prosperous economy, and exchanges with foreigners were very frequent at that time. As a result, many women’s makeup was influenced by foreign countries, and women pursued fashion and advocated novel styles of makeup.

During the Tang Dynasty, makeup technology was also developed to an unprecedented peak. We can roughly divide the order of face makeup for women in the Tang Dynasty into the following: lead powder, rouge, eyebrows, appliqués, dotted face and slanted red, and lipstick. Strong red makeup was the most popular face makeup at the time, and the red makeup of women in the Tang Dynasty varied in shades of color and size. Different shapes of eyebrows also came about during this time, with about fifteen popular kinds of eyebrow styles.

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