Delivery World welcomes you on our web-site! We work in “niche” area of international airfreight forwarding, and arrange delivery of the cargos across the world.

We specialize at such services like delivery of:

We do not accept the following goods for delivery:

  • living organisms (animals, birds, and fish);
  • short-lived (perishable) produce;
  • personal assets;

We guarantee:

  • prices which correspond the quality and speed of providing services;
  • safe and timely cargo delivery;
  • strict compliance with you and your customs brokers’ instructions;
  • timely receipt of information on your cargo on each stage of transportation;
  • absence of any additional problems; 


Selecting freight forwarder, you have to pay attention to the following:

  1. Provider should know the right way to deliver the cargo to destination.
    Important! You will never face any problems related to due execution!
  2. Your service provider speaks your language.
    We are truly international company – we speak nearly every language you can think of. Language difference and translation matters can cause major misunderstanding, and our international team guarantees that this matter will be avoided.
  3. Provider should ensure timely cargo tracking.
    Important! The cargo should be tracked throughout the delivery process – availability of actual information on cargo status insures success of your business operations.
  4. Provider should guarantee safe cargo delivery and insure the cargo with reliable and trusted insurance company.
    Important! Airfreight is considered the most reliable type of shipping and cargo insurance always remains the customer’s decision, but it should be always included to the offered services. Carefully study information on insurance payments –the less claims were rejected, the more reliable is your partner.

Our customers are the largest distributors of consumer electronics, computer and photo equipment, cell phones and accessories, medical equipment and pharmaceutics, auto spare parts and details, importers of garments, shoes, cosmetics and those companies which are actively participating on exhibitions and shows all over the world. All those who chose airfreight as the best way to deliver the cargos.

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