Emergent Cargo

  • Your supplier did not serve you on time and delivery of necessary equipment delayed and broke deadlines of the project…
  • You underestimated consumer demand so now you need an emergent delivery of season’s goods in addition to the previous shipments…
  • The exhibition time is near at hand, but your reliable forwarder can not provide you with the service of temporary import of display samples…

What should you do in these cases?

You can solve all these and many other problems by using our service of emergent goods delivery.

Delivery World's specialization is time-critical freight of different kinds of cargo. Over the years we have successfully delivered many goods under tight time constraints - from industrial and medical equipment to the POS-materials and Christmas gifts. In special cases, we recommend to use special rates of airlines for express shipment, which give maximum preference for the delivery of your goods as soon as possible.

Our experience and direct contractual relations with the 45 main international airlines air make possible to guarantee:

  • the optimum price-speed trade-off;
  • round-the-clock tracking of cargo;
  • minimizing risks and costs;
  • delivery of the cargo on time.

If you need the goods “yesterday”, please, contact Delivery World!

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