Delivery of product samples by air

  • You have chosen the goods and want to evaluate the products’ quality as soon as possible?
  • Your manufacture requires new raw materials and samples of those need to be delivered promptly from different countries? 
  • You need to collect 10 samples of products from different suppliers and send all as one cargo? 

Contact Delivery World, we will organize qualified and fast delivery of any samples at your desire!

Our company has been working in the international market of air freight forwarding for more than 10 years. Over the years we have delivered thousands of product samples from elite wines to medical products and chemicals, which are classified as dangerous goods.

Delivery World sets apart from express delivery services thanks to a number of key parameters, which are of great importance by product samples’ delivery (see the table):

ServiceCourier  Delivery ServiceDelivery World
Delivery of product samples, classified as dangerous goodsDo not provideYes. Provides.
The company is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that entitles freight forwarding of different hazard classes of cargos.
Delivery of fragile goods Do not provide Yes. Provides.
We provide special handling of fragile goods in dispatch point and deliver goods according to all shipping regulations and instructions.
Special conditions of shipping (maintenance of temperature etc.)Do not provide Yes. Provides.
We cooperate with leading international airlines, which provide special shipping conditions of transportation (including different adjustable temperature regimes) for different types of goods
Speed of delivery 3-7 days after order’s placement Starting from 20 hours after order’s placement
Cargo weight It is advisable to carry goods up to 5 kg without requiring of special handling Under different conditions and requirements it is economically feasible to transport virtually all goods. The most popular niche is transportation of samples over 15-20kg.
PriceExtremely high cost.The more is the weight, the lower is the transportation cost per 1 kg.


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Additionally you can calculate the estimate cost of your cargo shipment by yourself using the Rates Calculator or feel free to contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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