Delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals by air

Delivery World has been shipping medical cargos for more that 10 year. Many years of experience and accurate work managing allow us to guarantee any kind of medical or pharmaceutical shipment, if it is permitted for air freighting.

Air freight forwarding is required:
  • When it is necessary to ship consignment of medicines from another country in a short time; 
  • When it is the only chance to save the patient’s life; 
  • When the strict adherence of temperature conditions is a must;
  • In many other cases, when the speed of shipment is critical.

We ship such types of goods as:
  • Medical equipment and apparatus;
  • Consumable medical supplies; 
  • Materials classified as dangerous goods by IATA;
  • medicines;
  • vaccines;
  • Samples of supplies and pharmaceuticals for testing and certification


Clearance of such goods for shipment and transportation requires a careful preparation of covering documentation and strict observance of safety regulations, which can be handled only by an experienced freight forwarder that has all necessary licenses, appropriate storage facilities and well-trained personnel.

That is the reason our loyal customers like distributors, dealers of medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals have chosen Delivery World as a trusted and efficient freight forwarder for their cargos’ transportation.

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Additionally you can calculate the estimate cost of your cargo shipment by yourself using the Rates Calculator or feel free to contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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