Delivery of industrial cargo by air

Delivery World has been providing air freight forwarding services for industrial good for more than 10 years. We help to secure the continuity of industrial cycle of enterprises including those ones which manufacturing capabilities are located in different countries or have an import and export component in their technical process.

We are at your service:

  • When the manufacturing process is under threat due to problems with cargo shipments; 
  • When a downtime can lead to multi-million dollar losses from rejected consignment of equipment or materials; 
  • When an important order can be not performed due to shortage of equipment and supplies by mistake made in the dispatch point; 
  • When the terms of manufacturing are thwarting due to choice of a longer delivery method (by ship, by train); 
  • In many other cases.


We provide such services as:

  • Express delivery of consumable materials for industrial equipment, including dangerous cargo.
  • Express delivery of equipment and component parts for enterprises of different fields including failed parts’s replacement; 
  • Temporary import of leased equipment. Equipment transportation abroad when the point of the destination is changing (for example, new field development, etc.)
  • Air freight forwarding of product samples, including different types of dangerous cargos around the world; 
  • Air freight forwarding of compact industrial complexes and industrial machines; 
  • Delivery of spare or component parts and assemblies for assembly industries (automobile enterprises, service centers, etc.) 
  • Delivery of equipment for operation process in minefields (special purpose vehicles, parts of rigs, communication facilities etc.) 

International companies of oil and gas field, automotive industry, heavy engineering, manufacturing industry, metallurgy (foundries and stamping production), chemical industry, power engineering, textile industry, construction industry and many others choose our company.

We actually became a reliable freight forwarder at call for our customers.

More details about providing services can be found here

Additionally you can calculate the estimate cost of your cargo shipment by yourself using the Rates Calculator or feel free to contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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