Delivery of Cars by Air

True story

A few years ago one of the regular customers of our company came to us and said ‘I’m flying to Cot D’Azure both for business and leisure. I want to bring there my Bentley ‘cause I have no desire to deal with сar rental services and, moreover, I like my car, it always makes impression on my partners. Can you do this for me?’ And we did.

From that moment we opened for ourselves and our clients new unique service – cars’ delivery by air when owners travelling abroad. Thus began the era of our air freight forwarding service of private cars when their owners are travelling abroad.


‘We need to transport auto to the tuning studio in Tokyo and back. Can you?’

Yes we can. Just provide us with the address of the studio in Tokyo, we’ll deliver it door to door

‘I am flying to the USA and need my Ferrari Enzo with me, but pack it in the wooden box’. It calls ’crate’.

Sure we will do

‘I am buying Bugatti Veyron, first I am planning to travel by it in Italy, and then deliver it to Dubai’.

The most expensive serial car in the world? Congratulations! Definitely will do out utmost to ship it the best way

For several years of work we have accumulated a solid experience in delivery of luxury cars by aircraft transport, have developed a special insurance policy to protect owners of expensive cars from any unexpected accidents, established good cooperation with airlines to ensure the car will be delivered safely and on time. Additionally, our clients receive the best service for delivery of cars by air at optimal prices.

Our Services

For those who wish to have a private car at their disposal while travelling abroad, we offer the following services:
  • Car’s delivery by air to the host country of the its owner;
  • Car insurance while shipping with the largest insurance company AXA Gulf;
  • Packaging including specific kinds like crates, jackets etc.;
  • Execution of car import/export documents;
  • Full range of customs registration; Air freight forwarding of the car to the host country of the car’s owner; 
  • Car delivery to the door of client.

Remember that air freight forwarding is the fastest and the safety way of cargo shipment.

Fly on holidays with your own car!

Call +1 718 3128512, and our specialists will answer all your questions regarding delivery of your car by air.

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