Delivery of telecommunication equipment by air

Over 10 years, Delivery World has been providing the service of air freight forwarding of telecommunication equipment: from satellite dishes to welding machines for fiber optic lines. Our experience, deep knowledge of IT and telecom market, responsibility and punctuality can ensure fast, high-quality and safe delivery of your goods. With us, every project will be done on time!

We deliver such goods as:

  • Switching equipment;
  • Microwave Radio Equipment;
  • Radio equipment for communications networks (repeaters, two-way transmission antennas, etc.);
  • Equipment for installation of communication networks (welding machines for fiber, installation tools, fiber optic cable, etc.);
  • The subscriber units (portable radios, cell phones, etc.)

Providers of fixed and mobile communications services, broadband providers, system integrators and distributors of telecommunication equipment choose us as a reliable air freight forwarder to ship their cargoes.

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