Delivery of Industrial Electronics by Air

Delivery of industrial electronics by air is a fast and reliable way to get the necessary equipment on time. Over 10 years, our company has been specializing in the shipping of goods in this category. Years of experience, well-established processes of interaction with the customer, responsibility and punctuality allow us to guarantee fast and reliable delivery of your goods.

We deliver such goods, such as:

  • Industrial equipment and components;
  • Automated production lines;
  • Electronically controlled tools;
  • Equipment for various types of research (geological, geophysical, laboratory etc.);
  • Electronic components for industrial systems,
  • Etc.

Delivery World became a trusted freight forwarder for suppliers and distributors of industrial electronics and accessories; for manufacturers of various industries including chemical, oil and gas, automotive, metals, etc.; research and scientific organizations and design companies.

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Additionally you can calculate the estimate cost of your cargo shipment by yourself using the Rates Calculator or feel free to contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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