• Mutual Settlement and Compensations Matters
  • Are there any compensations provided in case cargo departure is delayed?
  • Cargo delays usually occur due to reasons beyond our control, such as delays of the flights due to weather conditions, furthering necessity to reduce the load of the aircraft and etc. For example if weather conditions require reduction of aircraft load, usually being 10-30% from normal aircraft load, therefore some part of the cargos will be delayed.

    Another reason for delays can be non-availability of cargo flights route, in such cases the cargos are shipped with passenger flights and priority is given to passenger’s luggage, therefore, if the passenger’s luggage exceeds or is equal to normal aircraft load, the cargos are left at the airport and sent with the nearest possible flights.

    Airlines do not have any liability before freight forwarders for such cases and always arrange departure of the cargos with the nearest available flight. Respectively no responsibility applies to our company for such issues as well.
  • Who is responsible for price increase by airline prior to cargo dispatch though we made booking in advance?
  • Air Freight cost depends on price for fuel, exchange rates and etc. As these criteria are very flexible and can frequently changing, airlines adopt average rates applicable within a month. Nevertheless, in case of major variations of those rates, the prices can be changed directly upon dispatch of the cargo, regardless availability of confirmed booking; otherwise, airlines will sustain the losses.
  • Do аirlines bear any responsibility for failure to deliver (breaching delivery timelines) the cargo in time? The customer indicates the timelines of his choice, airline confirms the booking, and after that fails to deliver the cargo in time.
  • In accordance with the Rules for International Cargo Transportation the Airlines are not liable for terms of cargo delivery. This rule is stipulated by Geneva and Montreal Conventions governing activities all airlines all over the world. The rule is applicable whether the booking was confirmed or not. As airline is in no case liable for breaching delivery timelines, issues related to penalties or compensations will be considered in this case. 

    Yet, if you have any claims related to the speed of delivery by specific airline, we advise you to draw official complaint addressed to such airline, and we will submit it on your behalf. In this complaint you can request compensations for any material, immaterial, and any other losses you sustained/may sustain. The airline will provide official response containing its decision in accordance to all law norms and rules.

  • Questions related to shipments
  • How to reduce the risk of default on delivery timelines if the goods require urgent delivery or are of crucial importance or high value?
  • Usually in absence of special arrangements the freight is booked at General tariff, i.e. standard, basic rates and service of the airline. Unfortunately, in case of specific unforeseen circumstances (airplane overload, unfavorable weather conditions, and etc.) such goods are unloaded first. If the freight requires urgent delivery or is of crucial importance or of high value, please contact us immediately. We will offer you Express Service, and late delivery will be nearly impossible. Our experience includes over 15 years of successful usage of this express service provided by KLM (Priority), LH (Td. Flash), Emirates (AXA Service) airlines and by many others.

  • On-line Rates Calculator: Guide and Questions
  • Please, explain, how should I fill the -fields of on-line Rates Calculator?
  • You should indicate point of origin (the city or the airport, if you know abbreviation) and point of destination (the city or the airport abbreviation ). After you have to select the airline, which you would like to use for delivery of your cargo, if several options are offered for requested direction in rates table. Indicate gross weight and volume of cargo (to have rates for gross weight type “1” in a field “Volume of Cargo”) and tick the checkers if you require packaging, pick up or insurance for your cargo. If necessary, fill the field “Value of Cargo” (for insurance) and “Maximum Cargo Dimensions”. Click “Calculate” and you will see approximate freight rates for your cargo.

  • I used on-line Rates Calculator and received the rates exceeding average market rates for several directions. Can I trust these calculations?
  • The results of on-line calculations are relative and can differ from actual rates valid on the current date. It is provided just for your reference, for instance, to see extra charges collected by airlines for different routes. Please, contact our Sales-Managers for exact rates by phone +971 (4) 2830082 (Dubai) or send your request by e-mail to

    Special rates are available to the customers using our freight forwarding services regularly and are based on the volumes, frequency of deliveries, as well as individual price formation programs aimed to our preferred partners.

  • The rates provided by on-line Rates Calculator for some directions are much lower the average market rates. Is it an error?
  • We are still developing software for our on-line Rates Calculator; sometimes malfunctioning is possible. We apologize for possible inconvenience and we will be thankful if you find an opportunity and notify us on probable errors, indicating directions used for calculations. We check all error reports and fix revealed errors immediately. If you want you may receive a correction report and check your calculations.
  • Insurance Matters
  • Who is responsible for paying insurance compensation?
  • All insurance payments for insured cargos are made by insurance company only. 

    Delivery World only represents your interests based on your instructions. We are not considering the claims and not effecting any payments for insured cases, therefore we cannot and do not accept any responsibility for default or late payments, as well as for claim rejections.

    In addition, should the claim settlement require any additional expenses, such as legal, notary etc., all these expenses should be covered by the Customer. Definitely, we will do our best for fast and positive claim settlement. 

    Please pay a special attention, that regardless occurrence of insured case the payment for the services including insurance should be made on time.
  • Who is responsible for insured/uninsured cargo confiscation by customs authorities?
  • Delivery World does not provide customs related services, and respectively, does not undertake any responsibility for confiscations. All risks, liability, responsibility and indemnification matters should be discussed with your appointed customs broker in advance.

    Please note, that the same applies when broker was advised by our company. Delivery World accepts no liability even for the cases when payment for brokerage is made through our company or with our assistance.

    Please make sure to discuss all possible situations and recoveries with the broker well in advance.

  • Who is responsible for preparing and arranging full set of documents? Who prepares damage certificate? Should the claim letter indicate the monetary equivalent of sustained losses or its enough to indicate, e.g. that 90% of the cargo were damaged? Who is liable for damages cause do the cargo during transportation?
  • The Customer (the Customer’s representative in the country of origin) is responsible for collecting the full set of documents. In case some of the documents related to damaged or lost cargos are kept with our Company you should refer to our Company’s representative and request those documents, because, even if Delivery World has original invoices and packaging lists for the cargo, especially if they are multiple, we cannot select the one required for calculating financial damages and filing claims for compensation.

    Damage certificate can be issued by representatives of airlines, airport, terminal or customs and must be stamped and signed. 

    Claim letter should be prepared by the Customer according to template that can be found in Insurance Manual. The letter should indicate financial losses and cargo details.

    Liability of airlines for was damaged or lost cargo in course of transportation is limited to USD 20 for 1 kg of cargo, our Company’s liability in case, e.g. of air freight, is limited to USD 20 for 1 kg of cargo or its invoice value. Therefore, to avoid major losses we offer our Customers to insure the cargos.
  • How does insurance company considers compensations? The loss is usually revealed at the final consignee’s depot as aircraft scotch, brick put in a box instead of laptop; sometimes just empty boxes. Can insurance company claim the fault of the consignee’s warehouse staff or state that the theft occurred on a way from airport’s warehouse to final consignee’s warehouse?
  • No insurance cover is likely to be provided for high-risk destinations, places known for high rate of corruption and crime. If by any chance insurance is still offered, it is likely that insurance broker is trying to get “quick money”, and application will be rejected. As a rule, insurance covers cargos up to airport at such high-risk destination based on air waybill.

    Before receiving the cargos from airport’s terminal, following completion of customs procedures, weight and check for integrity of outer packaging. If you reveal differ:

    • difference in weight – request respective certificate, sign it together with airline/airport/terminal/customs representatives;
    • signs of opening (e.g., damaged packaging, glue tape or plastic tapes of different color opened / cracked covers, loosen ribbons, etc.): these damages should be photographed and included to cargo acceptance certificate;
    • in both cases notify us before receiving your cargo, and we will arrange insurance company’s representative arrival to airport (average waiting time is 3-4 hours), he will accompany your cargo together with you to your warehouse, and will be present during opening and inspection. Please note, that insurance does not cover transport from airport to warehouse.

    The law may allow only the consignee to inspect the cargo, in such cases no third parties should be admitted to opening and inspection. The consignee should also request respective certificate.

    Attention: cargos are insured only based on original shipping documents received from supplier, and compensations are paid only based on filed insurance claim supported by original shipping documents.

  • Do airlines have any liability for the damage caused to the salable wrapping of the goods as in case when no damage was caused to the goods, but its wrapping was damaged, the goods become unsalable? Does your insurance company have any liability in case of partial loss (theft) of the goods (so-called "shortage while packaging is in tact")?
  • It is nearly impossible to receive any compensation from airlines, as it is considered, that the goods are handled over for carriage in due packaging that protects its salable wrapping as well. Even if the airlines will satisfy your claim (after very long consideration) the amount of paid compensation will be much less than the actual damage sustained. We work with one of the leading insurance companies AXA, and from 2007 it satisfied over 180 insurance claims made by our customers for insured cases; only two claims were rejected due to the customers fault when the customers disregarded the instructions, and did not submit any documentation at all.