Delivery of dangerous goods by air

Delivery World provides services of dangerous goods delivery by air more than 10 years. The company is certified by International Air Transport Association IATA that entitles freight forwarding of different hazard classes of cargos. Dangerous goods are a significant part in the total volume of goods transporting by us, for this reason the accumulated experience allows us to offer our customers high quality of service at appropriate prices.

Delivery by air required:

  • When the dangerous cargo should be shipped in a short time;
  • When the flow of the process or the project is put on the spot due to lack of necessary consumable materials;
  • When the strict adherence of temperature conditions is a must; 
  • In many other cases, when the speed of shipment is critical. 

We deliver such goods as:

  • Chemicals and reagents;
  • Raw materials of different hazard classes for enterprises;
  • Medicals and consumable materials related to dangerous cargos’ categories;
  • Apparatus, equipment and devices with elements, which are acknowledged as dangerous accordingly IATA classification; 
  • Chemical products’ samples of different hazard classes for testing and classification.


We are entrusted by the biggest suppliers and distributors of:

  • Medical equipment and consumable material; 
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Electronics that contain elements which are dangerous as per IATA international classification;
  • Chemical products for various industries;
  • Automotive and household products;
  • Etc. 

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Additionally you can calculate the estimate cost of your cargo shipment by yourself using the Rates Calculator or feel free to contact us at Nr. +1 718 3128512.

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