Fly for vacation with your own car: air delivery of private autos to the places of their owners’ recreation


DSC04069_i.jpgWe have already informed you last year about delivery of Ferrari Enzo, which was transported by our company to the place of its owner vacation. Air delivery of private autos for the purpose of using them during the vacation abroad is a demandable service. In practice it requires the customer-tailored approach and maintenance of all standards of air freight forwarding of the auto, because the main purpose of all this activity is to deliver the wheels safely and on time and make the vacation of their owners comfortable and positive.

As far as Delivery World has a reputation of reliable freight forwarder for such cargos, our customers, whose circle is constantly widened, require more often the delivery of their auto for temporary importation to the countries, where they are planning to have a rest. Thus, for example, in the middle of July, we delivered from UAE to Czech Republic two cars together for the group of travelers. The cars (it was Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce) arrived to the point of DSC04093_i.jpg destination – Prague – safe and precisely on time. The autos of travelers will be also delivered back to UAE after the ending of their Prague vacation.

Our company on a regular basis provides delivery from UAE, and exclusive cars are among them.We have already informed you about delivery of the exclusive BMW X5 tuned in studio Hamann Motorsport Gmbh. Also we told you about delivery of the most expensive street-legal car BugattiVeyron; of one of the best and most expensive sedan in the world - Rolls RoycePhantom, and also about race cars Ferrari FioranoFerrari Enzo and Ferrari California. We were also requested to manage freight forwarding of Nissan Patrol from UAE to Tokyo tuning studio and exhibition version of Invader L60 to Geneva Motorshow.

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