Back to the Future. Delivery World Summing Up



This is the time to summarize the results of the ending rather difficult year. As always in 2014 Delivery World and everyone working in it aimed to 100% customer satisfaction, foreseeing possible difficulties when delivering the cargo, working out and implementing the full set of actions to avoid problems arising from time to time in course of international airfreight.

Looking back we can with full assurance say that all the tasks set before us were achieved, and our own experience once again proves that there are no situations one cannot manage. Yes, we had to face problems and difficulties in work, but we succeeded with it, gaining new experience, and excluding repentance. With every year that goes we improve, grow, and develop, and the number of requests for cargo airfreight from different places of the world, the number of customers that more and more often entrust their cargo to Delivery World grows together with us.

This year we performed airfreight of dangerous, expo, industrial cargo, airfreight of expensive, exclusive automobiles, medical items, telecommunication equipment, and even of unexpected exotic cargo, such as, for example tropical butterflies, sapphire growing equipment, and much more.

Apart of many airfreights performed by us in 2014, Delivery World's staff traveled around the world participating in different exhibitions, forums, congresses, and symposiums. For Delivery World the events related to the most important issues and novelties of logistics, such as business-forum -Arabian Gulf in Dubai, Global Transportation Symposium in Los-Angeles, Trans Middle East Conference in Doha, China International Logistics Expo in Beijing, International Air Cargo Forum in Seoul, FIATA Congress in Istanbul, Cargo Week Americas in Mexico, and many others. All these events allowed to focus on the region we are interested in, study its peculiarities, and to exchange experience with the leading world experts. Apart of this, the big share of the events attended by us were consumer electronics shows, mobile, digital and information technology novelties shows, and the pharmaceutical exhibition, as the airfreight of the above categories is the most popular among our customers.

We highly value the choice and appreciation of our customers, as well as of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that sent us official thanking letter this year. It is not only the perfect motivation for further development, but also levies responsibility on us. That's why all Delivery World employees see the bright future, and are ready to increase the volumes and frequency of the international airfreight, both for existing and future customers in the coming 2015.

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