Beauty Without a Sacrifice. International Airfreight Delivery of Sapphire Growing Equipment


Corundum is the next firm natural minerals after adamant. It is widely known as sapphire (the blue type) or ruby (the red type). The jewelers also distinguish white, yellow, green, and even pink sapphires. Sapphires and rubies together with adamants, pearls, and emeralds are the leaders in the precious stone world. These stones are very often found in jewelry, especially in the earrings and rings. These stones are rarely used for production of heavy jewelry items, as the big size of these stones is rare, and the price is high.

In all times the jewelry pieces with precious stones have been of importance not only as jewelry, but as investments and savings. It is bought, sold and inherited. Jewelry production utilizes various materials – natural stones and its imitations, having similar looks, but different composition, as well as synthetic stones – these are nature stone analogues, received (grown) by human.

First synthetic sapphire has been received in 1910, and year to year it is utilized in new areas. Nowadays it is not only widely used in jewelry pieces, but practically in most of the areas of science and technology – in chemical industry, medicine, production of high resistant transparent optical elements (space ships illuminators, protective glasses of rockets and aircrafts, mobile phones screens, dials, photo cameras), micro schemes and even in brackets production. The need of synthetic sapphires constantly growth, and the ways it can be received/grown vary.

In August Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of equipment for growing artificial sapphires for our regular customer. The new advanced equipment shortly delivered to destination will be used for production of synthetic sapphires on one of the largest global market supplying plants.

Delivery World is the leading international company providing airfreight services on the n market. We offer our customers only quality and reliable service combined with shortest airfreight timelines.

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