Thai Treasures: Gem Stone Jewelry from Bangkok


Thai gem stone history started centuries ago, when in the beginning of the 15th century when the first mines producing sapphires and rubies were opened. Beautiful gemstones adorned diadems, crowns, swords, garments and footwear of the royalty.

Thailand has extensive mineral deposits and is renowned for gemstones, though mining has declined over time. The Mons favored rubies in their gold jewelry. The tradition of gold and gem-based jewelry reached its height during the Ayutthaya Era when the rulers commissioned magnificent gold crowns, swords and even footwear embellished with glittering stones. Since the twentieth century, jewelry ceased to be a royal preserve and more artisans entered the field as markets grew bigger.

In the end of September Delivery World shipped batch ofgem stone jewery from Bangkok. Expensive and fragile cargo can only be entrusted to the partner with unlimited trust. That is why the choice of our regular customer again fall on Delivery World, global network, reliable insurance, long-term relations with the carriers and utmost care of every point in your shipping and handling instructions guarantee safety of cargo till its receipt at destination..

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