Sky Fields: Parts for Agricultural Machines from Italy


Farming and farm machinery have evolved greatly over the years. The threshing machine has given way to the combine, usually a self-propelled unit that either picks up windrowed grain or cuts and threshes it in one step. The grain binder has been replaced by the swather, which cuts the grain and lays it on the ground in windrows, allowing it to dry before being harvested by a combine. Plows are not used nearly as extensively as before, due in large part to the popularity of minimum tillage to reduce soil erosion and conserve moisture. The disk harrow today is more often used after harvesting to cut the grain stubble left in the field. Although seed drills are still used, the air seeder is becoming more popular with farmers.

Today's farm machinery allows farmers to cultivate many more acres of land than the machines of yesterday.

In the middle of February Delivery World shipped lot of parts and components for agricultural machines from Italy. Upon completion of customs procedures by the customer the delivered components will be available for sale at dedicated distributors at destination.

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