Longer Living: Wine Plant Equipment from Milano


One said that wine makes lives longer. For centuries wine remains one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s hard to imagine occasion where wine won’t be on a table. It is also believed to cure diseases, to prevent negative impact of environment, help to combat stress and have other multiple useful properties.

According to market research company International Wine and Spirits Research, global sales of wine and spirits rose to 60 billion L in 2013.3 Wine production contributes to the food industry’s position as one of the three largest markets worldwide, which also includes the energy and water industries based on production, number of consumers, and economic and social significance; and, like the energy and water industries, the wine industry is subject to corrosion.

Italy by right prides itself for its centuries old winery traditions. Italian wines are known all over the world for their unique blends, scents and tastes. In the middle of December, Delivery World shipped equipment for winery and wine plants from Milano. Expensive cargo can only be trusted to the partner with unlimited trust, and that is what makes our regular customer chose Delivery World again and again; extensive expertise, deep knowledge, perfectly set automized processes serve guarantee that any cargo will be shipped from anywhere to anywhere in the world always in time.

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