Beautiful Changes Leading to Sky. Delivering Tropical Butterflies Pupas from Costa-Rica and Philippines by Airfreight


Birth of a butterfly is stunning and unique process. One cannot help but wonder how gorgeous butterfly that flutters in the air and has nearly exiling wings and slender body comes to life out of crawling, terrestrial and far from graceful caterpillar.

Each butterfly before turning to stunningly beautiful insect passes four stages of its life, and on each of these stages it changes shape, color and weight. The egg laid by butterflies turns to caterpillar's egg, which during it life cycle actively eats, and stores nutritional substances for further changes. During its last moult the caterpillar turns into pupa. During this stage the insect changes dramatically; its organs and tissues change, gaining butterfly patterns, forming muscles and wings. After that the pupa's cover breaks and the butterfly comes to life. Yet, it still needs time to straighten the wings and to harden the body, only after that the butterfly is ready to fly.

In July Delivery World shipped tropical butterflies pupas by international airfreight from San Jose (Costa-Rica) and Manila (Philippines) . Compliance to all transportation conditions was of utmost importance for this non-standard and fragile cargo. During transportation the pupas were supplied with required weather conditions and humidity (just as if they were in their natural tropical environment); any cargo damage risks have been excluded as well. The lot of few kilograms of weight and containing thousands of pupas, that will become gorgeous samples of its family have been shipped . According to our customer, once the pupas will turn to gorgeous insects they will be displayed to the visitors of the butterfly show.


Delivery World delivers various types of cargos and CIS by international airfreight. On requests of our customers we undertake airfreight practically from any point of the world, and guarantee high quality, reliability, and safety of international airfreight.

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