In the Center of the Latest Innovations. Delivery World about Results of the E-AWB Usage


Traditional documents flow is still widely spread in the 21st century, regardless implementation of the digital paperless technologies. It is not only making the routine work more complicated, but seriously slows it. International airfreight requires, on one hand, correct and exact documents drafting, and from the other hand – the shortest processing time. Therefore applying IT novelties to automatize documents flow and shifting work on paperless technologies is not just fashion, but real business necessity. IATA e-Freight project is designed to substitute traditional cargo accompanying documents for electronic, it replaces 20 of 30 “papers” with electronic messages.

This April Delivery World received official IATA letter thanking Delivery World for being first n forwarding company to join multilateral electronic agreement – Multilateral e-AWB Agreement , as well as for successful implementation of the above standard into its business processes.

We witnessed efficiency of e-AWB (electronic air waybill) from the moment we started using e-AWB standards. First of all, the new standard allowed us to reduce the cost and the time for drafting necessary documents, reduced possibility of errors in data entry; information security increased as well as due to special control of access system, the electronic documents are not accessible to third parties not involved in particular transportation. Thus, all the above lead to dropping down the possibility of delays in cargo dispatch, which is of the primary importance to Delivery World.

Delivery World always strives to be aware of the latest trends of logistics market and provides its customers only with reliable and quality service. Multilateral Electronic Agreement e-AWB allows us to lower the costs for registering and processing the cargo, and our customers to receive the cargos much faster. Nowadays 78 foreign airlines and the largest global aviation hubs are using the system together with us.


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