To insure your car for air transportation is now more easily


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Due to growing volume of air transportation of private cars, Delivery World in cooperation with the partner – insurance company AXA Gulf, a part of AXA Group, – make some improvements in conditions of cargo insurance regarding the matter of insuring private auto. Now it is more easily to insure your car and get insurance indemnity in case of an accident. You need only to prepare documents properly, receive Motor Vehicle Condition Report and use the guidance of Insurance Cases Manual For Customers which is provided with insurance contract.

Delivery World has rarely faced with insurance cases due to high quality of transportation services, but nevertheless we strongly recommend insuring your cargo. Especially, it refers to such cargos as private cars, consumer electronics and other valuable cargos. The insurance fee is 0,25% with 110% coverage of invoice value. We think it is more agreeable alternative to serious financial losses.

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