Weightless Cargo: Graphene from Bratislava


Graphene is a fascinating material, just as the sensational headlines suggest, but it is only just starting be used in real-world applications. The problem lies not in graphene’s properties, but in the fact that it is still incredibly difficult and expensive to manufacture at commercial scales.

Graphene is most simply defined as a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal, sheetlike structure. You can think of pure graphene as a one-layer-thick sheet of carbon tissue paper that happens to be the strongest material on Earth.

Graphene usually comes in the form of a powder made of small, individual sheets that are roughly the diameter of a grain of sand. An individual sheet of graphene is 200 times stronger than an equally thin piece of steel. Graphene is also extremely conductive, holds together at up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (700 C), can withstand acids and is flexible and very lightweight.

In the middle of May Delivery World shipped graphene from Bratislava. Regardless its powerful properties, the truly magic material requires careful handling, to prevent the damage, and the cargo was further complicated by urgency of the shipment. Outstanding expertise, experience and perfectly set processes allow Delivery World to ship the most complex cargos around the Globe even in no time.

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