Safe Sun: Sunglasses by Airfreight from Japan


The first pair of sunglasses can be traced back over 2,000 years ago to Eskimos who were native to Alaska, Greenland, Siberia and other Arctic regions. Initially used as snow glasses, to protect the eyes from the sunlight reflecting off the snow-laden ground and causing snow blindness, the first sunglasses were made of wood and leather.

Chinese judges would historically wear sunglasses while sitting in the courtroom, to emotionally detach themselves from the details of the case. This practice was first documented in the early 1500’s; predating celebrities wearing them days after a high profile break up.

Colored lenses were invented to solve color blindness issue. And a scary fact in conclusion; an American loses, sits on or breaks a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes. This means that in America alone, a little more than 37,500 glasses suffer at the hands of our clumsiness each year.

That’s why it was Delivery World to ship lot of sunglasses from Japan in the end of April. Expertise, knowledge, perfectly set processes and procedures, and decades of experience in airfreight of any types of cargos from anywhere to everywhere in the world serve the best guarantee that American sunglasses trouble will never occur with cargos handled by Delivery World. Even though, Japanese don’t wear sunglasses too much, the sunglasses produced there, like everything every other Japanese products have utmost quality and can protect the eyes of the owner even against the harshest sunrays. 

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