Sky Balls: Soccer Balls by Airfreight from Belgium


Soccer is one of the most popular games widely played all over the Globe. It is also one of the oldest games in the world as well; the first records of soccer played are dated second half of the 17th century. However, the balls used in that time were rounder, unlike oval shaped balls of today.

The first oval-shaped soccer ball was created in 1855 by Charles Goodyear, who is also credited with inventing vulcanized rubber. This new material made the ball more durable and resistant to weathering, which was a major problem with early soccer balls made of leather.

Goodyear’s invention quickly caught on, and by the 1870s, most British soccer clubs were using vulcanized rubber balls. These balls were also exported to other countries, spreading the popularity of the sport even further.

In 1872, the first official soccer match was played using an oval-shaped ball, and by the early 1900s, this shape had become standard for the sport. Today, soccer balls are made of synthetic materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather and heavy use.

In the beginning of April Delivery World shipped lot of soccer balls together with various types of sport equipment from Belgium. The customer is completing customs processing of the cargo, and soon the delivered balls and the equipment will be available for sale in the sport outlets at the destination. Who knows, maybe Delivery World will help you to score your next goal.

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