Cargo insurance: Who is responsible for your cargo?


According to the statistics air freight forwarding is the safest way of cargo delivery. There are several factors making influence on high safety of this kind of transportation: strict demands to flight safety and aircraft operation, highly efficient work of air ports – both of international hubs, and of local airdromes. That is why we often face to unwillingness of customers  to insure the cargo, especially of those who want to deliver valuable cargo. We understand the wish to make cargo delivery as profitable as possible. But sometimes there can be accidents when the cargo can be perished or lost, and it would be better to insure such risks.


The optimum choice is to delegate cargo insurance to the forwarder who has partnership relations with strong insurance company. Delivery World is cooperating for a long time with AXA Gulf, which is a part of AXA Group, one of the largest insurance agencies in the world. And the claims of Delivery World’s customers have never been yet rejected.


Though we must confess that there are not many insured accidents with cargos transported by our company: it was two accidents in 2011.

1. Route: Los Angeles – Marseille.

Cargo: computer components.

Insured accident:  a part of the cargo was stolen from the truck while transporting from the warehouse of shipper to the warehouse of our agent in Los Angeles. We claimed to police about the accident, but the cargo was not found. Then we claimed to insurance company and provided the partner with data of cargo value and documents from police department. The customer received full compensation.

Solution: The customer started also using our service of cargo armored escort in addition to cargo insurance.


2. Route (the customer insisted on this way of cargo delivery): Hong Kong – Istanbul  – Marseille.


Cargo: digital equipment.

Insured accident: A part of cargo was lost in transit point (Istanbul) due to a fault of a carrier. All the documents including letters from airport management were provided to the insurance company. The compensation was paid immediately to the customer.

Solution: We offered to the customer to make changes to the route, now the cargo is transported directly without transit points.

Please, pay attention that in case of insured accident it is necessary to collect all documents for the compensation. As soon as we receive all documents from the customer our lawyers start the process of receiving compensation from insurance company.
But we can’t make decision whether to insure your cargo or not. It must be you who make this decision. We can only recommend:

Insure your cargo!


More details about our service of cargo insurance.


FAQ about cargo insurance.

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