Salut the Skies: Fireworks by Airfreight from Milano


Chinese invented fireworks over 2,000 years ago to keep evil spirits away from celebrations, military campaigns and other gatherings. Till today China with 90% of the global fireworks export remains the largest producer and export of fireworks in the world,.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, if fireworks feature in your dreams it’s believed to be a symbol of enthusiasm and determination. It can also mean, however, that you rather enjoy being the center of attention. Indeed, it’s truly hard to find someone who can take eyes from amazing fire flowers as the fireworks are called by Japanese.

Finally, the longest burning firework in history was lit in 1996 for the New Year’s celebrations in Hong Kong. A string of colorful firecrackers burned for 22 hours – it should have been 24, but unfortunately it rained.

In the middle of April Delivery World shipped large batch of fireworks from Milano. The explosive and rather perishable cargo require exceptionally careful handling, and such shipment can only be assigned to a true expert having your unlimited trust. That is why, decades long Delivery World remains permanent choice for many of its regular customers.

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