DELIVERY WORLD provides quality airfreight services for over decade, and is absolutely sure how to do it right, yet all our efforts, expertise and knowledge cannot guarantee due accuracy in handling your goods by ground service staff, no accident on the road, careful treatment by airport employees, and their mood and health condition. All this and many other factors that do not depend on us may become reason for damage or loss of your cargo during transportation. 

Of course, bad luck does not happen every day, and probably you have already shipped many cargos by the same route with the same carrier and without any insurance, and nothing bad ever happened. Usually everything goes smoothly, but, what if your cargo got lost or damaged simply because an airport worker did not have enough sleep, and threw the boxes not paying any attention to warning labeling? International conventions limit liability of airlines with US Dollars 20 for kilogram of cargo, regardless its value; in other words, the compensation for lost 5 kg of cargo with the value of US Dollars 200,000 will compile only US Dollar 100, we will pay you some additional amount too, and the balance will become your loss. 

DELIVERY WORLD knows the traps and pitfalls of cargo transportation, and that is why we offer our customers to ensure absence of worries, and to purchase CARGO INSURANCE POLICY. Insurance is not expensive; it costs from 0.10% to 0.45% and the maximum insurance compensation may reach US Dollars 3 million for one cargo. The choice is yours: you can purchase full cover insuring your cargo against all risks, or insurance covering only full loss of your cargo. 


DELIVERY WORLD insured its liability exceeding established by standard contract, in case of mistakes and errors made by our employees or employees of our contractors, under FREIGHT FORWARDER’S LIABILITY COVER. Insured liability amount compiles up to US Dollars 300,000. It is not just advertisement; it is what you may get from our insurance company.

DELIVERY WORLD cooperates with the leading insurance company for many years. Our partner in cargo insurance is the world’s largest insurance company AXA Insurance Gulf, member of AXA Group (rated 2 insurance company according to, and 28 world largest insurance company according to Forbes Global 2000 for 2010). Freight forwarder’s liability is insured with AIG Insurance Company, which is included in top 10 rating in accordance with recent ratings by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch.

DELIVERY WORLD will always provide all necessary assistance throughout cooperation with insurance company. Exception expertise and experience of our employees guarantee fast solution for any problems in preparation and claim submission to insurance company, and receipt of compensation even in the most complicated cases such, as, for example, mistakes in goods declaration by our customers. 

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