The Sports is Life: delivery of fitness equipment from USA and Finland


Fitness.jpgAccording to the social researches, the popularity of fitness does not depend on season: the inhabitants of cities are trying to fit themselves both in winter and summer and visiting fitness regularly. That is why the manufacturers of fitness equipment offer permanently new kinds of exercisers and body builders which make sports exercises more safe, comfortable and efficient. And the fitness centers are pursuing the trends and implementing new fitness equipment by importing the novelties.


The best specialists of medicine, sports and physical trainings work on constructing the new equipment. And the safest logistic providers are entrusted to deliver of fitness novelties. Our company is among those providers.
Delivery World makes on a regular basis the air freight forwarding of fitness equipment upon request of the leading world manufacturers' distributors. From January to March’2012, we have delivered some newest fitness equipment with heartbeat monitors and other meters, which is also can be used for professional sportsmen trainings. Cargo from the USA and Finland arrived on time and safe.
We also transport medical equipment from the USA and Europe. We have told about the delivery of cardiovascular facilities from the USA a year ago.
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