When the Speed is Critically Important: Delivery of Medical Equipment


The word combination “express cargo delivery” sometimes means a critically important speed of cargo transportation because it can be a matter of saving a human life. That’s why we prefer to use more expressive English analogue “time-critical freight”.


One of the regular customers of Delivery World, a distributor of medical equipment, is specializing on supplying cardiovascular facilities. Upon request of the customer our company delivers medical equipment from the USA to Hungary several times a week.


The peculiarity of air freight which was executed at the beginning of the May 2011 was the strict deadline of cargo delivery. The cargo containing cardiovascular cannulae, ventricular vent catheters, coronary artery perfusion cannulae etc. had to be urgently delivered for a surgery operation. Delivery of medical equipment from Los-Angeles to Budapest was organized in a very short time: executing of all formalities and transporting process took one day after the customer has approved the cargo delivery. As soon as the cargo arrived from the USA, the Delivery World customer immediately transported the equipment to the operating room of one of the Budapest cardiological clinics, where heart surgery has been successfully performed several hours later.


Time-critical air freight is a key specialization of Delivery World. We know how to transport cargos with critically important speed of delivery!

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