Partner without a headache: air freight forwarding 'as usual'


We often receive requests from our customers with such words:

“Good afternoon! The cargo in Tokyo is ready to deliver. You need to pick up it as usual and forward to Erevan via Frankfurt”.

“Hallo, we need to transport cargo from the USA to Saint-Petersburg again. Please, do it as usual”

“Good evening! We have cargoes in Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. Please, consolidate them all in UAE and deliver , as usual”.

Such requests are more valuable for us than the real praise, because they are the marks of true confidence to us by our customers and well-tuned cooperation with them. Within more than 10 years, we have been working on the market of international air freight forwarding and CIS and have been established firmly in this segment, being trusted by the customers from different industries. There have been lots of cases in our practice when the client, who requested us for an emergent assistance to forward the one-time urgent shipment, has become the regular customer after appreciating the quality of our services.

Thus, for example, one of the above cited letters belongs to the engineering company to which we have shipped the fiber-optic equipment from Japan to Armenia regularly within several years. The Delivery World Company has transited from the ‘forwarder-on-demand’ category (for one-time shipment) to ‘reliable freight forwarder’ within this period, as customer said. Last year, we have already informed you about one of the planned and common shipment for this client – delivery of the welding outfits for fiber-optics. During these months we have dispatched weekly from manufacturer to the consignee tens shipments of welding outfits, consumables for fiber-optics and several samples of newest equipment and optical fibers for testing and certificating in and CIS.

Air freight forwarding ‘as usual’ is simple with well-tuned cooperation!

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