Project cargos: air delivery of welding outfits for fiber optics from Japan to Armenia (CIS)


welder.jpgDelivery World has many practical cases of receiving from companies, which are responsible for large projects, the requests for help, when they find out that precisely made project schedule can be broken due to missing details, tools or machines, delivered by sea, railway or trucks long beforehand. In such cases we make an express air freight forwarding of missing cargos, providing steadiness of manufacturing process and eliminating risks of financial losses of our partners because of broken deadline.

Fortunately, in the case of the delivery to which this news refers there was no missing cargo: air delivery of welding outfits for fiber optics from Japan to Armenia (CIS) was scheduled by our regular customer, which has large telecom projects in and CIS.

The customer chose our company as a trusted freight forwarder after facing up with the situation, which is described above, and requesting us for help. Air delivery of cargo from Tokyo to Erevan, the capital of Armenia, was made successfully, the welding outfits arrived on time and safe. The project is going on without breaking deadline, and we are happy that there is our company’s contribution.

If there is missing cargo, keep project’s deadline and ask Delivery World for help!

We became a reliable freight forwarder on demand and for scheduled delivery of project cargos for many companies from different industries – construction, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, telecom, car manufacturing and other. We offer safe and proved solutions of air freight forwarding from more than 80 countries of the world. You can find more information inCoveragesection of our web-site.
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