Air Cargo USA - 2013: the prospects of the coming year


In Las Vegas, which has been well-known for a long time as the gambling capital of the U.S., there is a place for a serious logistic business. This was found out by our company representatives while attending on 10-12 of March, 2013, one of the largest industry event - Air Cargo USA 2013, which was held in Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. This event has many advantages, among which are excellent opportunities to establish business contacts, as well as a variety of educational programs for visitors and the conference program filled by interesting case-studies and deep industry overviews.

This time, the main focus of the event was on the organization of express delivery, time-critical freight, on the means of the service cost’s deduction and minimization of the risks: this was discussed at the conference, and also the subject of express air delivery was disclosed by the exhibitors, which have represented their own solutions of this task. The exhibition was attended by leading airlines and freight forwarding companies with a number of which our delegates held successful talks.

Express delivery of goods - one of the priorities of Delivery World. To provide this service efficiently and by reasonable rates, our company has been working hard for several years. Currently, we offer a proved solution for express delivery of goods within short terms. You can learn more details about this here.

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