Airfreight Novelties in the City of Angels. Delivery World at the World Cargo Symposium 2014


For three days from 11 to 13 March representatives of Delivery World took part in the World Cargo Symposium 2014. It has been the 8th time IATA held this event in Los-Angeles, USA. The international airport of this city is 14th in the world by the volume of cargos transported through it.

The World Cargo Symposium was attended by over 1,000 delegates including representatives of the leading airlines, freight forwarding, shipping and logistic companies.

The main issue discussed on the Symposium was narrowing the airfreight delivery timing to 48 hours. It was also said, that the average shipment since 1960s still takes 6-7 days, and it is absolutely necessary to fully change the shipment timing to comply with new timelines by 2020. The main discussions and offers of the Symposium participants, agreeing that this can only be possible with introducing innovations, were dedicated to this issue. Therefore in the nearest future the volume of investment to the industry will grow dramatically and the contradictions in airfreight services will be eliminated; these changes are to take place worldwide and to lead to increasing quality and efficiency of the services, thus, improving the airfreight services in whole. For example by end of 2014 the share of electronic Air Waybills (e-AWB) shall increase up to 22%. Delivery World was the first n forwarder to follow the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement.

Cargo Executive Summit (CES) and Future Air Cargo Executive Summit (FACES) were held during these three days. On this two summits representatives of Delivery World had opportunity to communicate with the industry's leaders, share their experience with the colleagues and partners, to take part in discussions and to expand their knowledge of the airfreight novelties.

Air Cargo Innovation Awards held within the framework of Symposium granted awards for the best innovation ideas. That's the way organizers decided to motivate and outline the best solutions for airfreight industry development.

Vulnerable & High-Tech Management Track, held on March 12, focused discussions on delivery of valuable cargos. For the whole day Delivery World's representatives actively participated in discussions and shared own experience of airfreight to CIS from Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. These countries have high level of crime, therefore the participants of discussions were especially interest to receive first-hand information on shipment of valuable cargos.

Gala dinner was held on the evening of the same day in the shelter of the Endevour shuttle, which used to be NACA's cargo spaceship and performed many studies and trips. Delivery World's representatives enjoyed communicating with the customers and partners in unofficial environment of the evening.

Summarizing results the last day of Symposium presented trends and ways for developing innovative culture.

Fast and reliable airfreight is the main specialization of Delivery World. We improve every year and offer our customers proven solutions and the best rates for cargo airfreight and CIS. Visit to World Cargo Symposium 2014 without a doubt would lead to improving the quality of our services making our work even more effective.

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