The Sunshine Wines of the Atlantic: delivery of the product samples n Federation


Wine%20samples.jpgDelivery World makes on a regular basis delivery of the product samples n Federation and CIS. Within the years of working we have delivered many tones of such cargos. Sometimes we had to deliver them from the most far and exotic places of our planet.


For example, we have organized not long ago the delivery of product samples – elite sorts of wine – from Atlantic islands, where the grapes are breeding by special technology on the slopes covered with volcano ash. The customer chose our company by considering several parameters: besides the adequate prices and the speed of the air freight forwarding, the customer was also attracted by the service level, flexible approach to his needs and professional skills of our logistic managers.

Delivery of goods in fragile pack, in this case - in bottles, demands a very careful pick-up and packing of cargo. The DW representative office in the country of delivery has completed the task successfully: the cargo packing has passed through the flight and transshipping in two transit airports without any damage. Besides, the delivery of these product samples demanded keeping the special temperature conditions. In order to cope with this task we had to choose the air freighter very carefully: only one of six regular airlines flying to the region of delivery could provide all necessary conditions.
Due to efforts of DW’s operation staff and partners the elite wine was delivered on time and safely. According to the customer’s information the samples passed through certification tests successfully so the n gourmands and sommeliers can taste new wines of the sunny Atlantic islands.
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