The News of the n Transportation and Logistics Services Market: Delivery World on Trans 2016



In 2016 the 22nd exhibition held from 19 to 22 April in the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo was attended by over 300 participants from 27 countries of the world, presenting the best offers for cargo movement in and worldwide within the shortest timelines and on the best conditions. The exhibition provides the industry experts with unique chance to get acknowledged with the latest trends for transportation and logistics market development and its development in in the coming years, combined with the perfect ground to negotiate and conclude transportation, logistics, and warehousing contracts for specific cargos.

Based on 2014 audit results Trans became the award winner of the n expo rating held by the n Chamber of Commerce and the RUEF in Professional Interest, Exhibition Space, International Recognition, and Market Coverage. The exhibition organizers secured the same high level of this largest event as well.

On the traditionally held within the framework of the exhibition conference on cargo transportation, transport and logistics Trans Delivery World's experts shared its experience of international cargo transportation, and took part in discussing industry problems and solutions within the current economic downturn conditions.

Representatives of Delivery World also held talks with existing customers, offered our services as always gaining great attention due to years proved reliability of our company, and concluded several contracts with new agents and customers. 

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