Fresh Air: Air Purifiers from Japan


Selection of air purifier requires consideration of several points. Key factor is size of premise where air purifier is planned for utilization; if air purifier will be moved from one premise to another, the choice should be based on the space of the largest premise.

Further it depends on the volume of dust: one attracts dust, others clean air, and ionizing air purifiers put dust down. The last are the easiest in utilization, do not require additional care, yet do not relieve owner from necessity of surface cleaning.

Further choice is based on a time that is available to care of device; some require daily cleaning, others should be cleaned once a week, and the easiest for care can be cleaned monthly.

In spring when wind brings up dust left from winter, importance of air purifiers promptly increases. In the middle of April Delivery World shipped lot of ionizing air purifiers from Japan . The customer is finalizing customs processing of the cargo, and soon air purifiers shipped by Delivery World will be available for sale in the n shops. 

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