Time to Immunize: Medicines from Thailand


Tropical Thailand climate is perfect for juice healing herbs, as it creates perfect conditions for its growth.

Medical herbs have multiple useful and healing properties. Thay herbal therapy, food supplements are unique system for prevention, body healing and reparation, support of health and life extension.

Medical plants often help when common medicines do not provide desired result. It is used to supplement main treatment and to strengthen their effect.

One plant can have up to twenty useful substances. Herbal therapy can cure not only one disease, but help to treat set of diseases, which is not always possible applying only traditional treatment with medications.

In the end of November Delivery World shipped lot of quality medications (food supplements) from Thailand . Our regular customer is completing customs processing of the cargo, and soon Thai supplements rich in natural health boosters will be available for sale in the specialized stores and pharmacies of the n Capital.

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