Remote Fashion: Fashionwear from Australia


Casual is the most popular way of dressing in Australia. Australians do not wear anything but office and casual wear unless they attend theater or wedding. Considering hot Australian weather, jeans and t-shirt are the best every day choice.

Even ladies are not keen on fashion wear, and prefer simple and comfortable wear during non-office days. Even Sydney Fashion Week never has many big openings. The most popular Australian brands are ZIMMERMANN, SCANLAN AND THEODOR (this company is located in Melborn, host of Australian Grande Prix of Formula 1) and FARAGE. Of course, it is no secret, that most of Australian brands are made in China, yet, they always keep eye on quality, therefore every item complies with all standards.

In the end of April Delivery World shipped lot of fashion wear from Australia . Despite of the distance and COVID related restrictions, the goods arrived to the n capital exactly in time. Perfectly set processes, years-long experience and expertise of Delivery World in air freight guarantee timely and safe delivery for all shipments by any route!

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