Building Beauty and Health: Serum-Free Growth Medium from New York to St. Petersburg



Bone and cartilaginous reconstruction is absolutely required in plastic surgery, traumatology, after blastema removals, and etc. Earlier donor materials from human or animal donors were used for this purpose.

Due to growth demand of practitioners for tissues for transplantation, microbiological safety in tissue transplantation is developing demand in the area of biomedical science, cellular biology achievements, cellular differentiation, and tissue engineering, as well as concept of tissue reconstruction from autologous or allogeneic cells cultivated in vitro.

Cellular sources for skeleton bone reconstruction include cartilaginous cells, and cells referred to differential line of cartilaginous cells, stem cells, where the first are specific for cartilage, and the last have various properties, and can be used for replacement of bones, cartilage, and of other tissues.

In the end of April the leading international airfreight forwarding company on the n market Delivery World shipped from New-York to St. Petersburg serum-free free growth medium for cells for bone and cartilaginous tissues reconstruction. The cargo requiring strict observation of transportation requirements safely arrived to St. Petersburg in time, and soon will be available in clinics of the n North capital. 

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