Go on Winning! Sportswear by Airfreight from Barcelona



Throughout human history most of the people lead active lifestyle. For long time there were no specialized sportswear and clothes for active leisure. Just two centuries ago people had no idea about sportswear, and what is it for. With time necessity of new type of clothes overcame convention. That is when the first training suits and sport shoes appeared. Nowadays sportswear is designed nearly for every type of sports.

In the 19th century people used bit more comfortable casual wear. Men rolled up the sleeves of the shirts, and the pants. Women changed lavish dresses with more simple clothing, and later started to wear some of the men's clothes, regardless objections of morals.

The first sportswear appeared due to football that became really popular in the middle of the 19th century during industrialization; rural people started to move to the cities for income, and brought football with them. The game got so popular, that turned to city sports. Football was played in the universities. And the university teams were the first to think of the uniform that will be distinguishing among others. The first sportswear was decorated with emblems of the universities.

Football wear inspired other sports lovers. Sportswear existed in the end of the 19th century. From that time people playing sports used not comfortable casual outfits, but specially designed clothes. Footwear for sports designed based on its functionality and comfort appeared in this time as well. New sport fashion style appeared together with sportswear, and stays popular during the last few seasons.

In the beginning of this month Delivery World brought lot of sportswear from Barcelona . Our company was again chosen as reliable forwarder that gained its reputation for years of work. The freight was delivered in time, and soon the sportswear shipped by Delivery World will be available for sale in Moscow shops.

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