From Motherland of the Cars: Auto Spare Parts from Stuttgart


In 2011 multiple events and tourist campaigns marked 125th anniversary or automobile invention in Germany; and Bertha Benz automobile route became memorial touristic route.

“Automobile motherland”, Baden-Wurttemberg the land of inventors, the land of Carl Benz and Gottfried Daimler in the same time, in 1886, yet separately from each other became fathers of German automobile industry. On the 29 January 1886 Carl Benz received patent for three-wheeled carriage, “gas engine automobile”. Almost in the same time Gottfried Daimler in Bad-Cannstatt has built his first carriage with benzine engine.

Automobile was invented in Germany, in 1886 near Stuttgart. Today Germany is worldwide leading automobile nation. Brands like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagens are globally recognized as quality standards, and constant innovations. Formula-1 engines roar on the famous Nürburgring and Hockenheimring routes; and the largest automobile museums and communities every year gather millions of automobile lovers and buyers.

In the beginning of November Delivery World shipped lot of auto spare parts from Stuttgart . The customer completes customs proceedings, and delivered parts will be soon available in the service centers of the n capital.

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