Accessories with Meaning. Silicone Wristbands by Airfreight from China


Not much people thought from where the silicon wristbands do come from. They just appeared in our life, and are widely used in fitness clubs, aqua parks, saunas, resorts, and even in nurseries and pre-schools. Silicone wristbands are winning solution and are often used in various promotion campaigns. Bright, colorful items serve perfect souvenirs, pictured company logos – wonderful advertising step helping promotion of goods and services on the market.

The history of the bracelets appearance is very interesting. First they were aimed for fund raising by charity organizations. In 2004 the popular bicycle rider together with the famous sports company held cancer fighting campaign. The sales of the yellow silicone wristbands with "Livestrong" words started, and the money received were transferred to fight this serious disease. Over 20 mln wristbands were sold that time. The following year the wristbands were used not only for fund raising, but as fashion accessories as well. Else the range of its colors expanded, and each color got ideology meaning. For example, the red bracelet means fighting AIDS and smoking, black – fighting street gangs and skin cancer; orange – supports ethical, religious, and national variety in the USA, and hunger fighting as well. White and black bracelets are worn by racism fighting supporter; green represents fighting for environment preservation, and white – campaign for abortion prohibition, fighting against poverty, and support for terrorist victims.

In the middle of May on request of our regular customer, Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of silicone wristbands from Shanghai (China) to Porto. The lot of high-quality, firm, colorful accessories will be used for making logo. The wristbands are even child safe, due to high quality silicone used for production, and due to its flexibility are of the universal size.

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