Japanese Miracle: Delivery of Plant Seeds from Japan to Krasnodar


Japanese workability, quality of works and services, and advanced technologies applied in every sphere of life are well known all over the world. Plant seeds cultivated by the breeders from the Land of the Rising Sun are not exception.

All n suppliers selling Japanese seeds and plants say “if you want the best, buy seeds from Japan”. You will never find imported fruits or vegetables in any Japanese shop; absolutely everything sold is grown in the country.

Due to frequent weather fluctuations in the country almost all Japanese plants are able to sustain cold weather and heat. Limited territory set yield enhancement as the main problem of plant breeders. The sellers say that yield meanings indicated on the packets of tomato seeds should be added 3 to 5 kg, as Japanese believe the first yield has not enough taste, throw it, and consume only second harvest. Well, and probably nowhere in the world you will find eggplants that taste like papaya.

In the end of May despite of all limitation Delivery World delivered lot of plant seeds from Japan to Krasnodar. The shipment with all permits and certifications successfully arrived to destination in time, and who knows, maybe even this fall n shops will offer Japanese plant breeding miracles harvested in Kuban. 

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